A Review of the Game

What more exciting than a Fish shooting Game? With the internet nowadays, you’re instantly linked to an amazing underwater universe where millions of colourful tropical fishes are seeking to be shot and an enormous juicy jackpot prize awaits you. This exciting free online game opens a whole new era for online players because there’s no reels, just select your gun and begin earning money immediately by shooting fishes. The Fish Shooting Game has been loved since it first came out on the internet and now it has been made available in the Facebook version for free.

There are a lot of Fish-shooting games that you can play on line, but most of them are just copycat type affairs that are nothing more than a cut and paste job. They give you the concept and set up, but you still end up playing it the same way every time. People playing these flash-fish games forget that there’s only one type of fish and only one set of rules to shoot at. The point of the game should be to take advantage of patterns and get to the end before you run out of bullets. It should be fun and challenging not a difficult task to complete. If anyone tries hard to win the levels or if there are too many complex obstacles in the game to memorize then you will just end up getting frustrated.

The game is basically set up so that you must shoot at the big fish in order to eat it and win the pot. If you fail to do this you will have to start over from the beginning and if you don’t you’ll lose all the progress you’ve made, including money and the big fish prize. This is the same in Fish haiba as well, so you really have to learn how to play the game. If you can memorize the patterns, have the right aim and bullets then you could easily finish in the top three.

If you’re new to the Fish Table Game, the key is to stick with the basic level first. Get used to how the game works and the way you have to aim in order to successfully shoot at the big fishes. Once you feel confident enough, try to get to the intermediate levels. You will find that most of your mistakes in shooting the big fishes will be reduced since you’ll be aiming at live and moving fishes instead of stationary ones. However, be aware that Fish Table Online does have some challenge as you advance to the higher levels, so don’t think that the levels are easy as what you thought initially.

One of the best things about the Fish Board is that it provides free hints that can help you get through tough spots when you’re still starting out. If you haven’t learned the patterns and the rules yet, the hints can help you play the game much more smoothly since there’s no confusion at all. You also have the option to play with fake money. This will allow you to practice what you’ve already learned and get familiar with how the interface works without risking real money. Although I can’t really see the point in using fake money, it can help you get used to how you’ll spend your real money later on. As a matter of fact, the free hints can also help you get prepared for the real money games since you will know which fishes you should stay away from and which ones you should go for if you want to win.

Another feature of the Fish board is the ability to change the appearance of your fish. You can change its color or its patterns so that you can easily adapt to the environment you’re playing in. Although I don’t think that the Fish Shooting Game is as complex as other Fish Table Games online, it’s fun to play once you get used to how the interface works. Fish hair is definitely worth checking out.

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